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Mumbai is such a glamorous city which is also called the city of dreams. The city is not just popular with the Bollywood industry but also hosts some sparkling beaches, alluring sightseeing places, temples, and much more making it the perfect destination for tourists to come and enjoy. However, if you are bored of these attractions of the city and looking for some happening places to have fun and joy then here we have curated a list for you to cheer up your mood while enjoying the best entertainment activities. Check out the best places to visit in Mumbai:

Street Food That One Must Try In Mumbai

The city is home to diverse cultures; therefore, you can find diverse cuisines here on the streets. Enjoying the street food here is the most beautiful and unique experience that one can ever get. Choose from a delightful spectrum of food items, from sweet treats to savory items. Pani Puri, Vada Pav, and Pav Bhaji are some of the most popular food items you can enjoy on the streets of Mumbai.

The film City, Goregaon!

If you have not visited the film city yet then it is time to visit it. Whether you are a Mumbaikar or visiting here for a trip, visiting the film city is a necessity as most Bollywood movies are shot here. Here you can see artificial sets of villages, gardens, mountains, lakes, and much more making it worth watching.

Hopup, a trampoline park in Mumbai!

Hopup is the best trampoline park in Mumbai to relive your childhood memories. It’s a thrilling, adventurous park where you can indulge in multiple activities. Apart from performing some calorie-burning adventurous and thrilling activities, chill out and hang around watching people enjoying, playing, and taking exciting rides. Fulfill all the desires of an excited child present within us.

The vibrant ambiance present here will uplift your mood in no time. Don’t forget to indulge in some adrenaline-rushing rides to create unforgettable moments. Enjoy wall climbing, bowling, VR arena, laser tags, rope course, and a lot of other games.

Bowling, Hopup trampoline park in Mumbai!

We all have some good school memories related to bowling. It is one of the few activities loved by all. It does not require high energy and can be played by all age groups. Playing bowling in Mumbai is also a fantasy for some and it is a game that never gets boring. Hopup trampoline park is the best place to enjoy bowling along with many other activities. The sporty ambiance will enhance your gaming mood in no time. Also, here you can also enjoy some snacks and drinks in the kitchen kraft. So, plan to go bowling this weekend with your friends.

Watch a cricket match!

Cricket is a kind of religion in India. When there is a lot of buzz about cricket here then why not experience watching the same when you are here in Mumbai? Enjoy watching a cricket match at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai and you will definitely get blown by the positive energies, hooting, and emotions of the people. You will be going to have an absolutely impeccable experience here.


With great weather, lakes, and much more, there are also some places that are worth viewing.

Enjoy an evening walk along the Marine drive
If you want to do some leisure activities in Mumbai then a walk along the marine drive is perfect. Enjoy the breezing air, watch the deep blue water splashing, listen to the splashing sound and feel the relaxation and peace inside your heart. Enjoy the unique ambiance while you can watch ferries passing by. This ultimate destination after sunset gives you the relaxation that is much needed these days.

Enjoy a morning or night cycling tour
Mumbai is a city that has a lot to see at night and early morning. You can rent bicycles here on an hourly basis and can take a ride in the city to explore the city to the depth. Early morning is the only time when you can spot the city in silence mode free from hustle and bustle, just the complete peace and calmness. You will definitely love this experience.

Experience water surfing and other water sports activities at Mandwa Beach!

One of the most exciting tourist destinations in Mumbai is Mandwa Beach where you can explore a lot of water sports and activities such as wakeboarding, swimming, ferry rides, sailing, kayaking, and many others. Depending on your choice, you can indulge in water sports as per your experience level. However, not all water activities are available throughout the year. So, pick the right time of the year to enjoy all water activities.

Dive into the world of good laughs, good food, and great company, what more you can ask for!!!

There is no one who doesn’t want to break the monotony of everyday life. It is the need of an hour to have fun and do something exciting. These days, people don’t find time to bond with their loved ones and to spend some happy moments with them. Everyone is busy, some are making money while others are attending their colleges and schools. But now, with the availability of Hopup trampoline park in Mumbai, you can easily make your weekends memorable by forgetting your daily stress. Here, you will be going to have real fun and we meant the real “FUN”. Try it yourself and you will not regret your decision.


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