Go kart

Go kart

Chandigarh’s Best Go Kart Track!

Adrenaline Rush!

We are proud to offer the biggest & best go kart track near Chandigarh. At HopUp’s outdoor track, kart riders can enjoy a great view while racing in a go karting competition with their friends.

We offer one of the best Go Kart Racing in India! Our facility for go karting in Zirakpur has state-of-the-art kart cars designed for speed and maneuverability, with the strong go kart chassis giving you an intense and exciting racing experience. Ready to rev, go fast, and drift, karts at HopUp make for the best go karting in Chandigarh tricity.

Inspired by f1, go karts are a fun way to get youngsters to learn driving.

If you’re looking online for go karting near you, HopUp offers a sound go kart price to race at the biggest track in the region. So grab your helmet, rev up your engine, and get ready for an unforgettable day of racing excitement!